January 2012 Issue

Strengthen Your Kick with the Baton Chain Run

Try a new workout with your team! The Baton Chain Run helps runners improve their pace control and ability to kick, and it builds team camaraderie. A variation on the Centipede, the Baton Chain Run calls for runners to run single-file and pass the baton to the last runner, who sprints to the front of the line, then passes the baton back again.

Watch Baton Chain Run for high school athletes.

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Win $500 for a Running Event at your School

Short on funds for Field Day? Need resources to provide snacks at a fun run? Start with Events to Run, our new resource to help you stage fun runs, track meets, and more! To celebrate the launch of Events to Run, we are awarding $20,000 in grants this spring to schools and non-profits that organize running and fitness events for their kids. To enter, fill out this online application form with details about your event and how you would spend the $500 grant. Applications are due Monday, February 13. Click here for full details.

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Scholarships for Students

Although high school seniors have to submit most of their college applications by mid-January, there's still time to apply for scholarships. Scholarship awards for student athletes aren't exclusive to Division I recruits; many organizations offer scholarships for students of all abilities who can demonstrate their dedication to sports and fitness. We've compiled a short list of scholarships that high school juniors and seniors can apply to this spring:

  • $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually to accomplished student athletes by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. Applications are considered within states and sections, as well as nationally. Materials, including an essay, must be postmarked by February 29, 2012. Details here.
  • Got milk? Student athletes with community service experience can apply for the 2012 SAMMY Awards. Winners of the Student Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Awards are featured in a Milk Mustache ad and receive a $7,500 college scholarship. Applications for 25 awards are due March 9, 2012. Click here for rules and application materials.
  • The Positive Coaching Alliance awards $1,000 Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarships to high school athletes in select regions, including Chicago, Washington, DC, and the New York City tri-state area. Students are honored for engaging with sports to improve on three levels: themselves, their teammates, and the game as a whole. Applications are accepted from January 1 to May 1 and focus on essays about how students embody the ideals of the Triple-Impact Competitor.
  • The BigSun Scholarships, each $500, are open to athletes across all sports. Interested students should submit a short essay about education by June 22, 2012.

For more college scholarship opportunities, visit

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Resource Round-Up

We tracked down new resources for coaches and teachers to use when planning practice and class for their students.

Here are some ideas, tips, and lesson plans you can find online and use for free.

Hold a Wellness Week for your students:
Wellness Weeks are a major component of the Fitness for Life: Elementary School program, a curriculum with health and physical activity programs designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. Each Wellness Week focuses on a different nutrition and physical activity theme and includes an Eat Well Wednesday and a Get Fit Friday. Set aside some time to talk to your students on these days about nutrition and fitness and include some fun games throughout the day as breaks. For nutrition and running games, check out Active Eating and A Running Start. For more ideas from Fitness for Life, you can watch sample videos and download numerous teaching materials.

Try a new lesson plan from SPARK:
Educators have been using SPARK's P.E. program since 1989, and the organization's website includes plenty of free lesson plans. With individual lesson plans for middle schoolers based on various sports, your students can try track and field through a Sprints and Jumps Circuit.

Get out your toolbox:
Every month, NASPE uses its Teachers Toolbox to share youth sports and P.E. activity ideas, handouts, and more for educators working with students of all ages. Recent activities include an Aerobic Benefit worksheet for kids in middle school and a one-minute routine for high school students that you can integrate in a warm-up. Click here for the most recent toolbox.

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